My father has had three wives in his life. The third one, Kim, is the one that stuck. She is now in ICU downtown for liver and kidney failure.

Kim is unique in my world. The more she loves someone, the less fucks she gives about candy coating her truth. There is no beating around the bush, just her views and advice and no apologies. Every other family member operates in some form of passive agressiveness and that’s been my mode of communication for as long as I can remember. It was a shock the first time Kim told me I was fucking up with drugs and illuminated my childish ways. She was completely right, but I was still infuriated with being called out like that.

She is also the person my dad got sober with and continues to be the main driving force behind his continued existence. They got married mostly to cement their survival pact but also out of love for each other. According to my dad, she is the one driving his soul.

And she is heavily sedated, on life support and dialysis.