A Check In


I’ve been trying to keep my mind distracted. in order to fuel some level of generation and energy flow, I’ve been using my wiki to flesh out the world of Tuesday_NeXT and some of its underlying concepts and creatures. I started out using DokuWiki a little while ago while my summer-fling was hot and heavy with MindMapping.

DokuWiki hasn’t really panned out in the personal daily use I was half-assed giving to it. Didn’t have enough to say.. That time has helped some concepts and use of wiki kinda seep into my brain. How linking pages and domains sorta makes sense but then my head just breaks.It’s a perfect match for me for creating and cultivating a fantasy world.

Like any work of mine, it’s slow going. Mostly, it’s the doing of my own inability to sit and focus on any one task for too long.

This “check-in” falls under that spell too.