Gay Hookup Cliches - Grindr Made A Monster Out Of Me.


I’ll admit that I spend far too much of my given time here on Earth flipping through the whore-sites and fuck-apps of the gay world. And from all my wasted time, I have gleamed a few tropes and cliches that we gay boys like to throw around and pretend like we didn’t know the reality of what we actually were saying.

And this is only symptomatic of one of my Big Time Dark Pits in my daily suffering of existence.. I’ve been replaying this sex and drugs story arch since I was 18. The individual player 2 doesn’t quite matter anymore. This is the main and only way I know how to interface with another gay man and be sexual or even social with him. It’s been warped and distorted to a quantum nth degree, but it’s the closest I can be to simulating intimacy.