And What’s Most Importantly Is


And what’s most importantly is that I ain’t gotta fuck with Ray-Ray’s broke-ass no mo'.

Several things are currently running through my mind. Sadly the top spot goes to I managed to rescue my Wild Rift account that had only been partially turned into a Riot Account. Up until now, it had only been a figment attached to the still-mourned, disabled-too-soon, GM%IL account. It also was the account in which I converted real-world money into the virtual currency used to purchase shiny things in the game. I hadn’t logged into Legends of Runeterra since G@@GLE fucked me out of my account, fearing that my progress etc had dissolved into the nether in the same fashion as Wild Rift had. Today I decided to bite the bullet and login to see the damage; after a short update of data files, LoR logged right into my account sans objection. No Google Play verification, no Play Games nonsense, just pure unadulterated content! I created a Riot Games account, switched off my old GM&IL account and connected another trusty alias and logged in on Wild Rift to be greeted with all my content and Rift Pass awaiting me.

It’s literally been years since I felt any kind of attachment or draw to a videogame or media entity. The last video game I lost myself in was Overwatch and that’s still all tied up in Josh and the year of our lord 2018 and That Which Haunts Me Still… It’s nice to feel the draw to play just one more round.. to try and wrap my head around a meta thriving in an evolving game system.. to grind stupid little resources to unlock virtual collectables that do nothing more than amuse. It’s fucking nice.