A Fun Game For Every Boy and Girl to Play!


A fun and all-inclusive single-player game!

Perfect for any drug addict staying in alone on a Friday night, either through choice or because that’s how the cards fell.

Preparation & Prerequisites:

  1. Make sure that the stash of your D.O.C. is of limited quantity but of very high quality.
  2. It’s best if the actions and routes to procure more of the D.O.C. are laborious and would require near “Quest for the Holy Grail” level of ingenuity and prayer work on your part.
  3. Pick a favorite “me-time” activity and start going about the ritual of consumption and expansion. Bonus points if your activity involves rearranging or cleaning various parts of your space. Double bonus points if you go about your activity chaotically and with no clear plan of attack.


  1. At some point during your chosen activity, the trifecta should occur that unlocks the challenge round of this game: a) engaged in multiple, concurrent, tasks b) approaching the “high as fuck” level of consciousness c) carrying around your D.O.C. in one of your hands.
  2. Now, accidentally set down your stash and continue on with your chosen activity.
  3. After an unspecified amount of time, you’ll want to do more drugs and start going about your ritual of consumption only to come to the horrible realization that you have mislaid your stash and have no recollection of when or where you did this.
  4. Panic mode begins!