it’s daunting again, the put words out onto a screen. i’ve tried this so many damned times since my heyday in high school. to journal into the void. to try and generate a space in the cyber ether that i’m proud of. or at least enjoy cultivating and maintaining.

the general idea, surrounding rootofpi’s reinception, at least in the initial stages is thus: using the command line to manipulate and display images interests me greatly. there are multiple tools and setups and configurations to tweak not to mention the simplest piece of all ’tweaks’i get to fiddle with. when i’m porting an img through catimg into the ansi echo stdout, i can change the fidelity of the output based upon which orientation my phone is in. i come across a new sparkly piece of the puzzle of unidentified wide beyond every day. it also takes over. most of my time alone is spent gazing into the screen.