My Gaming Habits


For most of my life, I have been a gamer. The SNES and Genesis1 were huge parts of my child hood. When the N64 came out, I almost sold my soul to acquire it. Up until The Thing That Happened, I was regularly playing Overwatch with friends online and causing general mayhem wherever we went.

Then The Thing That Happened came along and I lost most platforms I previously had to game on. I also lost most of my interest in playing games, found new focus on meth and jacking off instead. I had my android phones and didn’t really see any games that intrigued me in the sea of click-bait and idle tap-tap games in he Play Store.

This has since changed with my discovery of a handful of genuine genius games:

Card Thief and Dead Cells are perfectly tuned for pick-up and play style gaming. Card Thief’s art style and game-play aesthetic was what originally drew me towards it. The game-play itself is so finely tuned and deep, but it really only takes maybe 30 minutes to get the mechanics. This game is Android native, so the interface is all touch and swipe. Progression in the game is done by unlocking castles with new enemies in them once you have hoarded up enough sigils and trinkets from treasure chests you’ve managed to escape previous castles with. Light is your enemy and sneaking around in the shadowed cards becomes a fine art of how far you can push it till you are exposed. Details like the Thief’s reactions and the sound effects of caught guards have seared this game into my psyche.

Dead Cells is a port of a PC/Switch/Everything else game to mobile and the translation to Android is amazingly done. Combat feels chunky and precise. I have died more times than I am willing to admit, but with each death2 you progress towards unlocking more weapons and powers. There is honestly too much content to behold in this game. I could spend a good forever talking about the outfits3 and relics and how you can jump-stomp around for the entire game and uncover more secrets than you bargained for. Its sprite graphics leave much to the imagination but paint a brutal enough picture by themselves.

Riot Games is the game factory that made the other two games I am obsessed with: Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra. More has been written about these games, and better expressed than I ever could. I’ll just end with the fact that I have spent over $100 so far on both games and have no intentions to quit giving these guys and gals my hard earned money.

  1. Yes, I was that child who had both a Super Nintendo Entertainment System and a Sega Genesis. Holy fuck, I had no fugging clue how good I had it. I saved up and bought the Genesis with my own money, if that means anything. ↩︎

  2. Ok, most deaths.. sometimes I can’t reach the safe room before I lose all my goddamned souls. ↩︎

  3. TBH I care more about outfits and cosmetics in games than I do about the game play sometimes.. I’m sad. ↩︎